Guest Editing The Ilanot Review

constraint-front-cover-1Attention fiction writers! I’m excited to announce that I’ll be the guest fiction editor of the winter 2017 issue of the Israeli literary journal The Ilanot Review. The theme for the issue will be “Letters,” which we’re loosely interpreting to include epistolary stories of not only traditional letters, but of emails, text messages, or other forms of written communication that you think falls under this description. The submission period is February 1 through April 30.

Now, I don’t have complete say over the stories published in this issue; decisions will be made by editor-in-chief Janice Weizman, fiction editor Katie Green, and me. But I’d love to see work by students and friends (and, of course, any reader of this blog qualifies as a friend of mine!).

For more information about The Ilanot Review you can visit its website, where you’ll find general submission guidelines.