All the Gloom You Need

Here’s a new review of A Reunion of Ghosts that I stumbled across tonight. It was in Portuguese so I put it through Google Translate. I get the gist but I don’t think the program is going to be putting any actual translators out of work anytime soon. Also, I’m pretty sure the pull quote from this would be “able to boot melancholy smiles out of any cold heart”:

The Reunion of Ghosts had all the gloom I needed when I read it . Telling the non- linear story of three sisters, Membras a family marked by tragedy , the work of Judith Claire Mitchell is actually the letter of suicide Lady Vee and Delph Alter . Despite the grim subject, this book amused me a lot with his sarcastic humor and tired of life , and arrested me enough with the non- linear structure of the story of each of the Alter sisters. With surprise ending and quite realistic narrative of the life of women , The Reunion of Ghosts is a sad reading, questioning the meaning of life but still able to boot melancholy smiles of any cold heart .