Love and Romance

SoundWaves_2_12_16_700px-ForEmail2I was recently invited to participate in the February SoundWaves performance. SoundWaves is a Wisconsin Institute for Discovery program run by Daniel Grabois, a professor in the University of Wisconsin’s School of Music. SoundWaves combines four UW professors delivering mini-lectures plus a musical performance, all centered around a topic that Daniel comes up with.

Because the February program fell two days before Valentines Day, the topic was love and romance.  The other three professors talked about the ways in which their fields view love (the physicist had an especially interesting take), and then I read three very short pieces I wrote for the event about my pathetic dating life back in the 1980s, the era when women like me were told we’d more likely be killed by terrorists than ever find someone to share our lives with.

It was a bitterly cold night, but the auditorium was packed and there was wine and brownies and also, in the front row, there was the person I share my life with. So basically it was a perfect evening.

Here’s a video of the entire event. I show up at 58.34.