A Somewhat Different Top Ten List


besideourselvesreunion of ghosts PB FINAL HIRES[3]

Earlier this month the Seattle Public Library system was kind enough to name A Reunion of Ghosts one of the top ten novels of 2015. Today they honored Reunion yet again by including it in another top ten list: The Top Ten Families More Dysfunctional Than Yours (Probably). As they explain:

The extended holiday season, from Thanksgiving through Hanukkah and Christmas to the end of Kwanzaa and into the New Year, is often a time full of family – and the unique frustrations that family can bring. For comfort and commiseration, try reading one of these 10 books featuring families that are (probably) more dysfunctional than yours.

Thanks, Seattle. Lady, Vee, and Delph Alter are honored to be included in this list. After all, nobody puts the fun in dysfunction like they do.