More Best of 2015 Lists

Thank you to The Strait Times, the newspaper of Singapore and its neighboring nations, for naming A Reunion of Ghosts one of the three best book of 2015. Here’s what their book critic, Akshita Nanda, had to say about it:

A Reunion Of Ghosts is a woman’s history of the 20th century, a novel about scientific advancement, sexual inequality and the suicidal impulse of humanity to move from disaster to disaster in the name of progress. Yet it is more comedy than tragedy, despite being told from the point of view of three sisters ready to kill themselves on the last day of 1999.

Thanks, too, to Rob Cline of The Cedar Rapids Gazette for including Reunion in his top five of the year. He writes:

In Mitchell’s novel, three middle-aged sisters decide to take their own lives on Dec. 31, 1999. In the run-up to the fateful date, they write a book-length suicide note, written in a perfectly rendered communal voice, explaining their family’s troubled and troubling history. Mitchell, a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, has accomplished an impressive structural, aesthetic and narrative feat.

And thank you to my own publisher Harper Collins. Of all the novels their many imprints published this year, they named A Reunion of Ghosts as one of their best.

Also, to the many libraries, bookstores, and bloggers who have named Reunion as a best or a favorite: I am so happy to have been acknowledged by such discerning and well-read lovers of literary fiction.