A Nudge to Read Reunion


nudge, the British website where “discerning readers…can reach beyond the bestseller lists to seek out hidden gems, uncover breakthrough authors and get the inside story on their favourite types of read,” and its affiliated nb:the new books magazine seem to share Waterstones enthusiasm for A Reunion of Ghosts…for which I’m truly grateful. Here’s the article, where Reunion is mentioned down at the bottom and the cover of the new issue of the magazine where my paperback jacket is also down at the bottom–it’s the colorful one:

Waterstones announced their New Year Book Club this week and it was heartening to see among the eight titles several that we’ve been excited about in 2015 or are kicking off with in January, namely:

Laura Barnett’s debut The Versions of Us was something I reviewed and which subsequently became one of our nudge Recommended Reads. This was an experiment – on a smaller scale – along the lines of our sampling exercise in nb magazine. We only had 25 copies of the hardback to give away so not surprisingly they were claimed very quickly. There’s also a Q&A and a Readers Verdict.

It’s been quite a year for Claire Fuller – Our Endless Numbered Days won the Desmond Elliott Prize 2015 back in July for the best debut novel of the year. Mel was an early advocate for this book and we were lucky enough to have Claire as one of our speakers at our Winchester Readers Day. And Claire and Catriona Ward, another of our speakers, were good enough to carry on their conversation for us.

Which brings me to the next issue of nb magazine, due out in January, in which two of Waterstones’ eight are also our Recommended Reads:

The Life and Death of Sophie Stark by Anna North about an enigmatic film director, told by the six people who loved her most.

A Reunion of Ghosts, a novel about the Alter sisters by Judith Claire Mitchell.Not a bad way to end 2015 and step into 2016. Hope it brings everything you want and see you in January.
Guy Pringle
December 24, 2015