Review: The Financial Times of London

I’m absolutely thrilled by this insightful review by Rebecca Abrams for The Financial Times of London and also by the accompanying illustration by Simon Pemberton.


Here is the review’s final paragraph:

A Reunion of Ghosts is a very funny book but it is also tender, sombre and thought-provoking. Narrated in the first-person plural, it is often impossible to tell which of the sisters is telling the story, their identities and experiences merged into one collective voice — and yet questions of individuality and self-determination are omnipresent. Where do we as individuals stop and start? Can we escape the ghosts of the past? Can we shake off the lifeless beliefs that bind us? What is the nature of their power? Is it just a matter of how we tell the story, of what we give weight to, what we choose to ignore? Are we the playthings of the gods, or the deus ex machina in our own scripts? For Vee Alter, “the meaning of life had always been that life had no meaning, and the moral of the story was that there was no moral of the story. Things that seemed significant weren’t.” Whether author or reader agree with her is another matter entirely.

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