Review: The Daily Mail

The UK’s Daily Mail has been kind enough to publish this “favourable” review of A Reunion of Ghosts:

by Judith Claire Mitchell

A Reunion Of Ghosts by Judith Claire MitchellLady, Vee and Delph Alter are three sisters who share an apartment in Manhattan — and each others’ lives.Introverted, reclusive and unlucky in love, the three sisters readily assume they have been afflicted by the curse that has blighted their family ever since their great-grandfather invented poison gas as a chemical weapon. Delph has made a chart of their family’s deaths — ‘suicide: gunshot, suicide: morphine, suicide: auto-defenestration . . .’

Now, in the latter half of 1999, with Millennium Night approaching and Vee dying of cancer, the three sisters resolve to keep up the family tradition — they will kill themselves at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Before they leave this world together, the sisters decide to write this book, a collective effort designed to show the workings of their family’s curse from their ancestors to themselves.

However, as they’re preparing for their big and final day, another relative turns up to throw their plans into disarray.

A book about suicide, written by three damaged characters hell-bent on self-destruction? It may not sound a barrel of laughs, but this is not only poignant and moving, but genuinely funny — with the humour ranging from the darkest comedy to some superbly silly puns.

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